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'url' => 'http://dbpromo.dd-b.net/',
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'subtree' => 'web',
'url' => 'http://dbpromo.dd-b.net/web/',
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'id' => 'web'


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'subtree' => 'photography',
'url' => 'http://dbpromo.dd-b.net/photography/',
'button' => 'bphotography-t',
'id' => 'photography'


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'url' => 'http://dbpromo.dd-b.net/contact.html',
'button' => 'bcontact-t',
'id' => 'contact'


b $VAR1 = {
'url' => 'http://dbpromo.dd-b.net/misc/resume-web-20040818.html',
'button' => 'bresume-t',
'id' => 'resume'


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'url' => 'http://www.dd-b.net/redirdbpromo.html',
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'id' => 'live'


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David Dyer-Bennet

Does Your Business Need a Web Site?

It's pretty likely that you do. For more and more people, if you don't exist online, you don't exist at all.

People go to the web to check your address, your business hours, look for events or promotions, as well as to search for specific products or services, or for general information about your business area.

You may well not need to take orders over the web. Many customers prefer to use the web for information, and then go visit in person to buy.

Web Development

Most independent web developers came to it from the graphic design side. I have superior writing and editing skills, and the experience to program the server to really jump through hoops. If your site requires original artwork, we'll have to find an artist to draw it; but so will most of the others.


Many people underestimate the value of custom photography, showing people your business, your products, your employees the way you want them presented. It makes your site more your own, and helps engage the visual interests of customers. It can also help tie your web page in with your print ad campaigns and other promotional materials.

And it needn't be terribly expensive, if you don't need a New Yorker-class full-page color print ad. (If you do, you should talk to an expert still-life photographer, not to me.)

Why Me?

I've been interested in organizing and presenting information since I was a child. In highschool I was photo editor for the yearbook and personally laid out most of the pages. Since then I've worked a lot with user interfaces for computer software, publications and web sites for science fiction conventions, online discussion forums (going back to Compuserve, but also including Fidonet, Usenet, mailing lists, and web forums), signage campaigns, print advertising, multimedia productions, and user training and course development (including licensing course designs to other trainers).

Most of my career has been in computer software development (I've been a full-time web professional since 1996).

Very few people have my combination of communications and programming skills. The web is my perfect environment, where I get to use all my skills on a project.

If all you need is a simple static page to show your flag on the web, with contact info and hours, you don't need me. You can do that yourself easily enough, or I'm sure you have a child, sibling, niece, or nephew who can do it for you perfectly well.

I come in when you need a more complex and dynamic site, with pages generated on demand from information that changes over time. When you're thinking in the long run.


For a more formal presentation of my work history, here's my resume.


Live Site

I distribute this site to potential clients on "business card" CDs, and also present it on the web. If you're looking at the CD version and want to check out the live web version, it's here.

live site

© Copyright 2005 David Dyer-Bennet